Layer Cake Cutting Machine

This layer cake cutting machine is built to precisely and efficiently cut products into horizontal slabs for a layer cake production line. Slice off the top of a cake for an evenly cut professional look. Increase production and lower costs by baking one cake and slab cutting it into several thin layers for a layer cake. This machine uses 3 horizontal reciprocating Teflon-coated blades to cut consistent layers from 0.3″ to 3.5″ thick. This machine is great for a bakery producing layer cakes or slicing the top crown off of cake products.


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Up To 1,800 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
47" Tall, 28" Wide, 125" Long, 790 Lbs

Electric 208V-240V, 12A

Product Size Ranges:
18.5" Diameter Round or 18.5" Wide Square Products

Slab Size Ranges:
4 Slabs - 0.3" to 3.5" Thick

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PDF Brochure


Multiple Layer Industrial Slabbing Machine