Horizontal Bakery Cutting Machine

This horizontal bakery cutting machine is built to precisely and efficiently cut products into horizontal slabs. Slice off the top of a cake, biscuit, muffin, or other bread products for an evenly cut professional look. The top drive allows for high speed slicing of bread products by holding the tops and bottoms in place as buns, rounds, and more are sliced into top and bottom halves. This machine uses a horizontal reciprocating Teflon-coated blade to cut consistent layers from 0.3″ to 3.5″ thick. This machine is great for any production facility needing to slice products into multiple horizontal layers.


Horizontal Bakery Cutting Machine - CS-8AW-1TD

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Up To 1,800 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
47" Tall, 28" Wide, 71" Long, 355 Lbs

Electric 120V, 12A

Product Size Ranges:
18.5" Diameter Round or 18.5" Wide Square Products

Slab Size Ranges:
2 Slabs - 0.3" to 3.5" Thick

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PDF Brochure


Horizontal Layer Cake and Bread Slicing Machine