Automatic Cake Cutter

This automatic cake cutter will portion a variety of frozen round products including cheesecakes, layer cakes, ice cream cakes, pies, and more. The user-friendly operation requires no skill to produce consistent size and weight portions at high production speeds. Different product holders are made for different sizes of cakes and changing between product lines is quick and easy. Divider Inserts are deposited between each wedge in one smooth operation for a professional look and feel. Customers who buy this model usually produce 200 to 600 frozen cakes per day.


To review more round cake slicing results click here.

For more round cake cutting results click here.

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Up to 360 cakes per hour

Machine Dimensions:
60" Tall, 38" Wide, 43" Long

Power Specs:
Compressed Air 10 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 240V, 30A, 60Hz, 1 Phase

Product Size Ranges:
6"-12"(16-30cm) Dia Round Products Up To 6" (15cm) Tall

Portion Ranges:
2-24 Portions Per Product

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PDF Brochure


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