Ultrasonic Sheet Cake Cutting

This high speed ultrasonic slicing machine is built to cut various sticky, delicate, and hard to slice products. The model uses a conveyor surface or in the box/pan holders to cut half sheet products. The 200 series features 2 ultrasonic cutting stations to increase the speed of production. Bakeries slicing more than 100 half sheets per hour use this machine.

Custom Applications
– Slice in a container, bake-in box, on a pallet or directly on the conveyor
– Manual load and auto offload is standard
– Auto load, servo driven cutting blades, exit gapping, spreader, retracting or right angle transfer conveyors for enrobing or packaging solutions available as an option.
– Custom edge trim removal system


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Up To 360 Products Per Hour (Depending on Product)

Machine Dimensions:
97.13” Long, 58” Wide, 89” Tall, 2400 lbs (246.7cm x 147.3cm x226cm, 1088kg)

Compressed Air 10 CFM @ 90 PSI
4.7 Liters per second @ 6.2 Bar
Electric 230/60/1ph, 25 amps (Optional 230 /460/60/3 phase)

Product Size Ranges:
12” Wide, 16” Long, 3.5” Tall (Custom 5.5" Tall)

Portion Size Ranges:
0.5” (1.3cm) and Larger

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PDF Brochure


Ultrasonic Sheet Cake Cutting Machine