Ultrasonic Vertical Slicer

This ultrasonic vertical slicer is built to cut various sticky, delicate, and hard to slice products such as sheet cakes, brownies, rolls, and more. The machine uses a conveyor surface or in the box/pan holders to cut full sheet products with ultrasonic blades. The 200 series features 2 cutting stations to increase production speed by slicing with two ultrasonic stack at the same time. Bakeries slicing more than 2 full sheets per minute find this machine valuable. Each machine is built to order, using the specific bakeries requirements to design and deliver a machine custom for the bakery’s needs.


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Up To 360 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
Determined By Need

Compressed Air Depends On Model
Electric Depends On Model

Product Size Ranges:
Determined By Need

Portion Size Ranges:
Determined By Need

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PDF Brochure


Ultrasonic Sheet Cake Cutting Machine