Precise Full Sheet Cake Cutting

This full sheet cutting model will slice a variety of frozen products in or out of the container. The machine features automatic indexing into cut positions and automatic rotation from x to y axis cuts. The servo driven platform & product holder allows cutting diamonds, triangles & parallelograms as well as rectangles & square shapes. Dual round product holders are available for cutting round products. This model is best for bakeries slicing 100-150 products per hour.

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100-150 Products Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
62" (158 cm) Tall, 52.5" (133 cm) Wide, 82" (208 cm) Long, 750 Lbs (342 kg)

Compressed Air 6 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 208V-240V, 10A

Product Size Ranges:
12" Diameter, 38" Diagonal, 4.5" Tall

Portion Size Ranges:
4-24 Portions Round, Square Portion Determined By Product

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PDF Brochure