Inline Loaf Cake Slicer

The ACCUSLICE-100LS is an inline mechanical loaf and sheet slicer that cuts a variety of products in the container or out. A conveyor indexes the product to be sliced from 3/8” thick and larger. The standard machine can accommodate one sheet or four loaves, but can be customized to handle more. A PLC controls the machine and the thickness of the slice can be selected from the HMI. This machine is perfect for bakeries slicing 16-18 loaves or 4-6 sheets per minute and is designed to meet all BISSC, CE and OSHA standards.

The machine can be equipped with a flighted, sectional, or flat belt. Upgrade options include auto load, a top drive actuator, retracting exit conveyor and right angle transfer conveyor for increased speed and efficiency, product guides, and active stripper assemblies.


Inline Loaf Cake Slicer

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16-18 Loaves or 4-6 Sheets Per Minute

Machine Dimensions:
67.25” Tall, 43.75” Wide, 89.74” Long, 1,350 Lbs

Compressed Air 16 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 240V, 60 Cycle, 1 PH, Up To 60 Amps Depending On Options

Product Size Ranges:
16" Long x 5" Wide, 5" Tall Products

Portion Size Ranges:
30” Wide Sheets, Up To 8 Loaves, 5” Tall

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PDF Brochure


Conveyor Loaf Cake Cutting Machine