Automatic Cheese Cutter

The FoodTools Model 5-W is an automatic cheese cutter that slices blocks of butter or cheese into three dimensions. The machine is automated, easy to clean, includes safety features to insure that the operator is always safe. It is designed for full wash down and is durable enough to withstand high production industrial facilities. FoodTools is the leader in dairy production equipment and the 5-W was designed and built to keep up with the demands of a large production facility


Automatic Cheese Cutter - 5-W

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Up To 60 Blocks Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
41" Wide, 82" Long, 69" Tall, 850 Lbs

Compressed Air 5-10 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 115V, 2A

Product Size Ranges:
Up to 15.5" Long, 15.5" Wide, 12" Tall

Portion Size Ranges:
.75" x .75" x .75" Cubes or Rectangles or Larger

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PDF Brochure


Three Dimensional Wire Cheese and Butter Cutting Machin