Horizontal Cheese Slicer

The 5-HA is a perfect horizontal cheese slicer to cut wheels or blocks with a blade or wire. A hydraulic cylinder is the driving force for cutting. For softer products, a special blade is mounted and the pusher pushes the product through one or more blades. For hard products, the wheel is scored first using the FoodTools 5-CWS and then is cut using one or more wires to be pulled through the product by the hydraulic cylinder. The machine is easy to clean and safety features ensures the operator is always safe.


horizontal cheese slicer

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Up To 60 Wheels or Blocks Per Hour

Machine Dimensions:
34" Wide, 78" Long, 61" Tall, 850 Lbs

Compressed Air 5-10 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electric 115V, 2A

Product Size Ranges:
Up to 18" Diameter and 10.5" Tall

Portion Size Ranges:
.75" Thick, Up To 4 Slabs

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PDF Brochure


Horizontal Cheese Wheel & Block Wire Slicing