Slicing Bars of Soap with the 5-AF

Have you ever wondered how that bar of artisan soap in your bathroom ended up in a perfect rectangle? Well, it may have been sliced with a FoodTools wire cutting machine. The 5-AF is often used to portion blocks of butter or cheese, but the wire slicing machine can be used to cut a wide variety of products, including soap.

FoodTools has worked with numerous artisanal soap manufacturers and a lot of unique soap products that can all be sliced into squares or rectangles with our wire harps. Once the sheet of soap is ready to be portioned it is loaded onto the 5-AF and cut with a wire head that is made custom to order. Soap makers use a wide range of distinctive packaging products and the cut pattern is built to meet their packaging needs.

If you manufacture soap and would like to test cut your product with a FoodTools machine contact our sales representatives here. If you don’t manufacture soap, but you use it regularly to clean yourself (we hope that means everyone) then enjoy the video above showing how soap is sliced with a FoodTools machine.


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