Preventing Arthritis

Last week we received a message from a baker that reaffirmed why we started building cake cutting machines more than 30 years ago.

Hello. I own a small bakery supplying cakes to local tourist areas. Recently I’ve developed terrible pains in my wrist from cutting more than 30 cakes a day by hand. My cheesecakes come straight from the freezer and I cut them while frozen solid to get the best quality cuts. This has taken a toll on my wrist and causes severe pain and discomfort. Which cake slicing machine would be suitable for my bakery? Something small, economical, and convenient to cut up to 30 cheesecakes each day?

“This is precisely why FoodTools was founded back in 1984.”
– Martin Grano, President and CEO of FoodTools

Baking is an art, practiced and perfected over a lifetime. All of those years creating delicious desserts for us can wreak havoc on the artist’s joints. Many owner/operators complain of arthritis, carpal tunnel, or tendinitis in their fingers and wrists. FoodTools not only designs and engineers portioning machines to improve the quality and consistency of the final product, but to also alleviate the stress and pain caused by repetitive motions.

For this baker cutting 30 frozen cheesecakes a day, the CS-1FP is an ideal fit. It is an economical human powered machine with a small footprint that can easily be added to any baking facility. The specific cut pattern dials and machine operation means that the portions will always come out the same no matter who is cutting the cakes.

For bakeries with larger operations hoping to remove the threat of repetitive motion injuries from employees FoodTools offers more automated solutions cutting up to 1,200 cakes per hour. Repetitive motion workplace injuries are a real risk, and whether you are worrying about your wrists, or the health and well being of your employees, replacing manual operations with automated machines is a great option. Give FoodTools a call today and test cut your bakery products on cake cutting machines.


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  1. Tools and equipment play such a big role in our daily lives! Repeated behavior can cause a variety of aches and pains – why not prevent it!

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