Waterjet Cake Cutting Machine

The state-of-the-art waterjet cake cutting machine allows bakeries to slice intricate custom shapes from bakery products. The two piece industrial duty design results in 40-50% faster cutting speeds than all in one solutions. The machine is controlled with a Window’s 10 based HD touch screen and is WiFi enabled allowing remote diagnostic troubleshooting and cut pattern support. The open frame design is 100% stainless steel and built to meet all safety and sanitation standards.

Waterjet Cake Cutting Machine

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Up To 6 Inches Per Second

Machine Dimensions:
63.81" Tall, 45.27" Wide, 144.31" Long (full unit)

Compressed Air 1 CFM @ 90 PSIG
Electric 208-240 VAC, 3 Phase, 50-60 cycle, 40A

Product Size Ranges:
Up to 18" x 30" Rectangle

Portion Size Ranges:
Depends On Product

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PDF Brochure


Waterjet Cake Cutting Machine